The Writing Challenge

Reminder: if you haven’t voted in the Russian book project poll, please do so! I want to have as much feedback as possible before I announce the result this Friday. 🙂

Those of you who are avid followers of my Twitter (that is all of you, right?) will have noticed that I’ve been using the hashtag #SeptWritingChallenge a lot recently. That hashtag is for the Writing Challenge, which takes place every month and is really fun. The goal is to write 500 words every day. Just 500. Most days, I’m fine and can do more than that. Yesterday, I was tired and annoyed, so it was a struggle, but I still did it.

The best thing about #SeptWritingChallenge is the sense of community. I have already met some cool fellow writers through it and we encourage each other in our writing endeavors. It’s really fun and if you’re at all interested in writing, you definitely should check it out.