Tsar Putin? How About No…

Emperor and autocrat of all the Russias?
Emperor and autocrat of all the Russias?

While I was bored at work today, I checked out one of my favorite websites, the pro-Putin, nationalist website Polit Russia. Like the other nationalist website I read, Sputnik & Pogrom, Polit Russia employs some pretty amazing graphic designers (which is why I stole borrowed their graphic for this article).

Anyway, Russia’s resident crazy politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky apparently suggested on Monday that Russia should return to having a monarchy (link in Russian). I’m not opposed to that idea in and of itself—I’m a bit of a closet monarchist myself, you know. (But only when it comes to Russia.)

Unfortunately, the esteemed Mr. Zhirinovsky did not mean a tsar in the traditional sense of the word. No, he wants a tsar for ten years. He said: “I am not saying to find the heir to the Romanov dynasty. We can elect an emperor, a tsar for ten years. And every ten years it changes.”

I do not think, under any circumstances, that Putin should be “elected” tsar. The idea is so stupid, it defies comprehension. But regular readers will know that Zhirinovsky specializes in weird ideas (remember his last gem?), and I so love to laugh at such ideas, so I couldn’t resist blogging about this.