Russian TV Series ‘Admiral’

I’ve been watching this Russian TV series—I think there are ten episodes—called “Admiral.” It is basically the TV version of the 2008 film by the same name. It’s even better than the film because it’s longer. After all, the more screen time Konstantin Khabensky has, the better. (He stars in both the film and the series as the main character, Admiral Alexander Kolchak.)

The film is available with English subtitles; the TV series is not. If you want to watch the first episode, I have embedded it below. Or you can click here.

I just finished watching episode 6 last night, so I only have four more to go. That’s sad, because I know the storyline is approaching both the whites’ defeat and the end of Admiral Kolchak’s life. The whole thing is so good that I don’t want it to end.

Do you watch any TV shows in foreign languages? Which ones?


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  1. Hi Natalie! Thank you very much for making this blog available. I started following Fluent Historian last week, after I heard about from the Donovan at the Mezzofanti Guild. Since then, I have really been enjoying your informed posts and your passion for the Russian language. I love to watch TV series in foreign languages. One of my favorites is an Estonian series called Tuulepealne Maa. It’s another tragic, captivating TV series involving war. I own the DVDs, but you can find them all on youtube last time I checked. Спасиба большое!


    1. Thanks for your comment! I clicked on the link to your blog and I do remember you because you write in Welsh, right? Thanks for the recommendation. I will have to check out that series. Do you speak or study Estonian?


      1. Wow! I didn’t even realize that my blog had an audience beyond my own personal acquaintances. This is great news! Yes, I blog in Welsh, Estonian and sometimes other languages which I study on my travels. I am not nearly as prolific as most bloggers unfortunately, but I tend to get a post or two in each month. Thanks again for the awesome blog. I have been watching Admiral, even though I don’t understand everything.


      2. Confession: I don’t always understand Admiral either 🙂 So many people talking at once with other stuff going on in the background confuses me sometimes, haha.


  2. I wish they would release the TV series internationally on bluray like they did the movie. I really liked the movie and I was surprised to find it had been cut down from a ten hour series. It kind of explained some of the pacing issues and storyline. I’m dying to watch the whole thing as intended. If anyone comes across some English fansub files for the series please let me know!


    1. I’m afraid that I have yet to find the TV series with English subtitles. 😦 I did look, because I want my mom to watch it and she doesn’t speak Russian. If I had the time, I’d attempt to subtitle it myself. Unfortunately, that will not happen. But I’ll definitely post something on here if I do find subtitles somewhere. 🙂


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