A Russian Coincidence

I have noticed a strange phenomenon. There seem to be a plethora of Russian nationalist websites all featuring similar design and graphics. Observe: Sputnik & Pogrom (the most popular) looks very similar to Pyotr i Mazepa (a site with a Ukrainian bent), which looks similar to Baltiski Avangard Russkogo Soprotivlenia (self-described as a pro-monarchist group based in Königsberg, which is now called Kaliningrad). All these sites are also somewhat similar to PolitRussia, at least before PolitRussia got a new site layout.

One wonders: are the same people behind all these websites? You have to admit, the graphics work looks remarkably similar.


2 thoughts on “A Russian Coincidence

  1. No, there was S&P initially with it’s unique design. Then after it’s sucess lots of
    imitators emerged. There are communists sites with similar design too. And you are doing great mistake calling Pyotr i Mazepa “russian nationalists”. They are ukranian nationalists but russian speakenig. Very hostile not only to russian state or regime (which all russian nationalists hate too), but to russian people itself. There is lack of adecvate uderstanding in the West what russian nationalism now in russia really is.


    1. Apologies for my mistake with Pyotr i Mazepa—I haven’t actually read much (if any!) of the site. 🙂 And my skimming skills in Russian leave much to be desired!


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