Almost Done…

He is the reason I watch this series, you guys.
He is the reason I watch this series, you guys.

Remember when I blogged about that TV series I’m watching, Admiral? Well, I’ve watched quite a few episodes in the past few days, crocheting the entire time. (The afghan I’m making is getting so big!) Unfortunately, that means I have only two (!) episodes left. The whole series is comprised of ten episodes.

I know it has to end some time. After all, Alexander Kolchak, the protagonist, died an untimely death on February 7, 1920, so there’s no more storyline to the series after that. Nevertheless, I am sad. I like Konstantin Khabensky, the actor who plays Kolchak, a lot. I like Kolchak himself quite a bit. I like learning about the Russian Civil War. I like how the series includes such historical accuracies as using the correct music that Kolchak’s army used. (If you’ve watched it, in episode 6 [I think], they play the anthem of Kolchak’s army, a melody known today as Proshchanie Slavyanki [Farewell of the Slavic Woman]. I’m not sure what the music was called when Kolchak used it.)

Oh well. The one-hundred fortieth anniversary of Kolchak’s birth is coming up—on this Sunday. Maybe I will get some russkiy tort [Russian cake] to celebrate Alexander Vasilyevich’s birthday.


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