A Strange Day

Today was beyond strange. The strangeness started when I woke up—I just felt weird. I didn’t feel sick or anything, just weird. The weirdness continued on the drive to work, as there was an extraordinary amount of traffic. Then I arrived at work, reached into my purse to look at my phone, and remembered that I had left my phone plugged in back in my room.

I sat down to process some loans and twenty minutes into it, our building lost electricity. A lot of us hung around for a while, but when we heard a transformer blew (and, according to the latest gossip, spontaneously caught on fire) and it was going to take forever to fix, a lot of us left. My boss said I could go home, so I walked down a ton of stairs (no electricity means no elevators, my friends) to leave.

So I’ve been home almost all day. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not complaining! I read a lot, went to the movies, and came home to read some more. Today has been so very odd, though.