Any other writers out there have an opinion on the popular writing website Wattpad? I have such mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I think it’s great that a ton of people use it because that means a ton of people are getting together (virtually) to talk about reading and writing and to actually write and read each other’s writing.

On the other hand, is it so bad that I want at least some remuneration for my work? I definitely agree that hardcover books from the major publishers can be quite expensive. But surely a person can afford $2.99 for an ebook, right?

Which, of course, leads to the problem of Wattpad: it’s all free. The company is rolling in cash from venture capitalists (Tech bubble? What tech bubble?) but none of the writers see any of that money. This is why I have very conflicted feelings about posting my work on there. I really want to share my writing with readers. But I’ve worked a lot on the current novel I’m writing. Giving all of it away for free makes me feel slightly sick inside.


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  1. I’ve heard of a lot of writers using Wattpad to offer teaser chapters so people will buy the books. That seems to work well for some genres.

    I definitely wouldn’t put a whole novel up for free, but putting up excerpts could be part of a marketing strategy.


    1. Yes, I’ve heard of that too. I read a couple of blog entries on it. Interestingly enough, even though these writers wrote in different genres and didn’t even know of each other, they all came to the same conclusion: it isn’t worth it. I think I’ll focus my energies on blogging and maybe even put a few excerpts up on this blog. 🙂


      1. Yeah, the only one I heard of who had much success at all had been on there for a long time and already had a following because of other stuff she’d put on Wattpad. It sounded like a lot of work!

        I agree with your blogging strategy. You should definitely share with your loyal readers first. 😍

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  2. I agree with Christina, a few pages could could serve to get readers wanting more and buy your book. You don’t want to give away your work for free just to develop a following.


    1. But a lot of people do do that! And then they don’t get followings necessarily. Honestly, I don’t know if bothering with the site is even worth it… I may just put excerpts on this blog instead. 🙂


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