Moldovan Elections Tomorrow!

For these past few days, I’ve been lounging around, shopping, reading, eating, and definitely not working. It’s been glorious. Unfortunately, it will be time to go back to work soon… but before that, there’s tomorrow, and a nice contested election happening in Moldova.

The Ukraine crisis has intensified the longstanding rivalry between pro-EU and Russian-leaning parties. Local media accuse pro-Russian parties of being financed by Moscow, and one of them has been barred from taking part in the election for alleged foreign funding.

The authorities have banned the broadcasting of several Russian state TV channels, accusing them of propaganda. The opposition says the move violates media freedom.


The main opposition party is the Communist Party – a Soviet-era survivor that still uses the hammer and sickle as its symbol.

While it insists it is not fundamentally opposed to EU integration, it has called for a review of the association agreement. More recently, its leader, Vladimir Voronin, has suggested that the Russian-led Eurasian Union offers more benefits.

Should be exciting! May the best party (or parties) win.