The most random things make me happy. There’s this Russian TV series that looks like it’s going to be amazing. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer embedded below. Yes, it has English subtitles. 🙂

Or click here for the video on YouTube.

It’s called “Sun of the Wolf” (that sounds weird in English but I don’t now how else to translate it). Doesn’t the trailer look amazing? It has everything I like: history, spies, Russia, the Russian civil war, attractive dudes speaking Russian… what’s not to like?!?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to watch the series as I couldn’t find it anywhere online. It was supposed to come out this year. I think it just came out recently because I searched for it, yet again, but this time was rewarded with actual episodes.

Now please excuse me while I go watch the first episode…


3 thoughts on “Success!

  1. I find the trailer somewhat confusing. There are Bolsheviks and Poles, so definitely civil war not WW1, but there are also Imperial officers, with an Imperial flag in the background, so not obviously Whites. Also i can`t quite work out what the main character is meant to be. Maybe it becomes clearer later.


    1. In general, I find trailers for series confusing because they always try to reveal bit of the series, but sometimes things aren’t clear until you’ve seen a few episodes in the beginning… I’m pretty sure this one is about Whites/Monarchists/anti-Bolshevik forces trying to destabilize the Bolsheviks. The main character is, according to the summary I read, a Chekist. As for uniforms, I didn’t notice what you did because I know NOTHING about military uniforms. 🙂


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