New Year, New Me, New You

Happy New Year! Or, as we say in Russian, С Новым годом [S Novym godom]! The New Year is a big deal in Russia (courtesy of the Soviet legacy, unfortunately), so I wish all my Russian friends a very happy New Year. С Новым 2015 годом!

Anyway, this year has been pretty ordinary so far. I went to work today. My mom and I went shopping over the weekend, during which I purchased a purse for approximately twenty percent of its original price (sometimes I am tempted to create a blog solely to document my fabulous shopping adventures 🙂 ). Here’s what else I have done this year:

  • I am conducting the biannual purge of my computer. I find that if I don’t delete files periodically, they start to pile up and then I have a ton of random stuff I never look at. A lot of my grad school files didn’t survive this year’s Great Purge. I also had some random language stuff I haven’t looked at in over a year, so it went in the little Mac trash can, too.
  • I pulled out the books in my collection that I haven’t read. I’m going to read them and possibly donate some of them. As much as I enjoy re-reading stuff on my Kindle, I do need to finish some unread stuff, too.
  • I made some resolutions, which include doing more Russian-related stuff, writing (and finishing!) more books of my own, crocheting with my huge collection of yarn, and spending a lot less time (read: next to none) on political websites that just make me annoyed. Here’s to fun hobbies and political apathy, my friends!
  • I am going to revamp some stuff on this blog, including some of my pages (like the About page) and the blogroll. The blogroll desperately needs an update. In fact, here is a fabulous new writing blog you should go read if you like writing.

The theme this year on my blog is going to be more raw, honest posts. Obviously some things in a person’s life are private and should stay private. I’m not saying anything against privacy. However, I feel that sometimes I self-censor what I write on this blog. Joanna Penn has written about this issue a bit, on possibly more than one occasion, but I can only find that one post I linked to.

Anyway, I’m planning on doing some good writing this year, both blog-wise and book-wise. And for those of you interested in the book, it is currently getting prepped (i.e. proofread, grammar-checked, and formatted into an appropriate file) to go to my first reader: my mom! 🙂