Russia Orders Snap Test of Nuclear Missiles

That awkward moment when Russia orders a snap test of its nuclear missiles… right after abruptly ending cooperation with the US that allowed for monitoring and securing of Russia’s military stockpile.

Russia has ordered a snap drill of its Strategic Missile Troops (RVSN), which control the country’s 305 land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads, according to a statement issued by the unit’s high command today [i.e. January 20, because I forgot to post about this article until today!].

“More than 1,200 servicemen have been drafted to take part in the test exercises,” Colonel Igor Yegorov from the RVSN said. “Throughout 2015, we have planned at least four similar such drills,” he added.

I’m not saying I have inside information or anything—because I most definitely do not—but I’m willing to bet that the intelligence community is still skimping on Russia analysts. (In 2011, a recruiter told me that there was basically no money to hire anyone specializing in Russia and that all the money was going towards those with Chinese or Arabic language skills.) Because, you know, in this post Cold War era, how could we possibly have competition with Russia, am I right or what?!?