WordPress Comment Spam

I changed the settings on this blog last night so that posts older than thirty days will not be able to have comments left on them. I personally don’t mind when people leave comments on old posts—it’s just that the spam was getting to me. I do have a spam filter, but every once in a while a nasty little spam comment will sneak through. I suppose it’s inevitable, as I receive, on average, twenty thousand spam comments a month. No, that is not a typo. It’s pretty crazy and I’m very tired of managing it, so I’m going to try turning off the comments on old posts. If you want to discuss these posts with me, that’s fine—just leave a comment on a newer post referencing the post in question, or talk to me on Twitter. 🙂


2 thoughts on “WordPress Comment Spam

  1. I have Akismet installed but now and then some spam still slips through. (I assume you have that, or something similar installed.) I rarely see a comment that’s real on a post that’s older than 30 days, so that’s totally fair.


    1. Yeah, I have Akismet, too, but the spam is RELENTLESS, haha. I figured that most people don’t comment on older posts, and if they do, they can just contact me on Twitter if it’s that urgent.


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