Wednesday Music: Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in D-Major

I have bad news and good news, everyone. First, the bad news: remember how I submitted Wednesday Music to a blogging events directory? Well, it’s been a few days and it still hasn’t been posted. I’m not sure if they’re just really slow or if it wasn’t accepted.

The good news is today’s piece: Beethoven’s one and only violin concerto. It’s one of my favorite pieces of all time to listen to and I have started working on it in my violin practice. Here’s a bit about it:

  • This fabulous concerto was written in 1806 but actually wasn’t played very much until the mid-1800s. It’s terrible it went so long without being well-known, but at least people did discover it eventually.
  • The first movement has a long orchestral introduction. In fact, this music blogger says it’s one of the longest in classical repertoire.
  • This concerto has also been arranged for piano, which is wrong on so many levels. To me, it will always be a piece meant to be played on the violin.

Here’s a video of one of my favorite performances with soloist Arthur Grumiaux. It was recorded in the 1960s.

Or click here to see on YouTube

Enjoy and be sure to nominate any pieces you want to see in future weeks!


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