Excellent News!

Dear readers, I received most excellent news today. Remember when I took the Foreign Service Officer Test earlier this month? Well, I received my results today. And…. drumroll please…


Seriously, this is huge news. I had honestly not expected to pass. I didn’t study as much as I could have and I know I missed some questions. Nevertheless, I pulled off a 165.29, which puts me well above the 154 needed to advance to the next step. If you’re interested, go read this post if you want to know more about the steps involved in this process.

I’m scared of the next step because it trips so many people up. It consists of short answer questions that will (hopefully) highlight one’s suitability for the foreign service. The answers are due in three weeks, so I’ve already started writing. It’s intimidating that even if I pass this step, I’m still not done… but I’m just going to focus on writing good answers for now.


11 thoughts on “Excellent News!

  1. Congrats, that’s a great first step! I read with enormous interest how the US Foreign Office admission works, it sounds quite complicated, almost as much as joining Boston Consulting Group! (Well, just kidding).

    It’s interesting how the process differs from the Italian one, for which I prepared and, ultimately, chickened out. The exam to become ‘Segretario di Legazione’ (the bottom of the food chain, basically) is made of an initial aptitude test, five written tests (English, another major EU language, economics, history of the European international relations since the Vienna Council, international and EU law), a review of the candidate’s curriculum and finally four oral tests (Italian public law, geography, economics, international law) and an extra test on any other language that isn’t a main EU one.

    I started out Uni convinced that I’d have tried it out, then slowly began to change my mind. And I ended up being a project manager, for my sins.

    Good luck with your tests!!


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