Boris Nemtsov Feared Putin Would Order Him Killed

Nemtsov at a march in Moscow in 2013. Source
Nemtsov at a march in Moscow in 2013. Source

Prominent opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was murdered late on Friday evening, right by the Kremlin. (Morbid and interesting fact: I’ve been to the very place where he was killed.) A little over two weeks before his death, he gave an interview in which he said he feared that Putin would kill him. The link is in Russian and the translation is mine.

She [Nemtsov’s mother] is completely against what is happening in Ukraine and considers it a catastrophe and complete nightmare. But Putin worries her more than Ukraine. Every time I call her, she says: “When are you going to stop criticizing Putin? He’s going to kill you!” And this is completely serious.

Unfortunately, her fears came true. Nemtsov is dead, shot four times in the back.

Вечная память.

Original text: Она категорически против того, что происходит на Украине, считает, что это катастрофа и полный кошмар. Но больше Украины ее волнует Путин. Всякий раз, как я ей звоню, она причитает: «Когда ты прекратишь ругать Путина? Он тебя убьет!» И это на полном серьезе.