Finally, Russian TV Show ‘Rodina’ Has A Release Date

You guys.


I have great news. There’s a Russian TV show called Rodina [in Russian Родина, which means Homeland] and it as, as you may have guessed from the title, based on the same Israeli TV show that inspired the famous American TV show Homeland. I heard a while ago that a Russian production company bought the rights to develop a Russian version of the show.

Here’s the trailer for it. It doesn’t have English subtitles, but watch it anyway because it’s awesome. And it’s not even one minute long, so you don’t have an excuse not to watch it. 😉

Doesn’t that look amazing? If you aren’t convinced—well, I think it will be worth watching if only to see Vladimir Mashkov in that military uniform.


Anyway, I’ve been excited about this show for some time now but I didn’t know when it was going to be released. All the sources said February 2015 but I didn’t see it when February came and went.

I found out on Monday that there is finally an official release date: March 16, 2015 on Channel Rossiya. I’ll have to watch it on the internet because I don’t have that channel here (I think you have to pay an outrageous amount for some ridiculous cable package to get any Russian-language channels on TV) but that’s okay. The day it hits the Runet, I’m watching it.

And I’m sure it will be better than the American version since it takes place in Russia. It may even be better than the Israeli version (which is supposed to be pretty good).

Слава вооруженным силам Российской Федерации!


6 thoughts on “Finally, Russian TV Show ‘Rodina’ Has A Release Date

  1. The Israeli original version of ‘Homeland’ is a lot better than the American one, in my humble opinion, despite Homeland having a very good cast. I’ll never understand this American thing for adapting foreign TV series or movies… Take the movies from Stieg Larsson’s books, why did they need to do them again?


    1. I liked both the American and Swedish movie versions of Stieg Larsson’s books. 🙂 I haven’t seen Homeland, American or Israeli, which perhaps sounds strange considering how much I’m looking forward to the Russian version!

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    1. Хвала!! 🙂

      Edited to add: I used Google Translate to try to get a gist of what you said at the beginning of the post… It was so nice! (I think—Google Translate can be quite weird.) So thank you again! I don’t know if I can leave a comment on your blog because Blogger’s inline comment form hates my computer, so I do hope you see this comment.


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