Happy Fourth Blogiversary!

My blogiversary was last weekend. After four years, over six hundred posts, and almost one thousand comments, this blog is still going strong. Oh, and did I mention that I’ve had almost a hundred thousand page views? That may not be a lot compared to super-popular blogs, but it’s a lot for me!

What’s changed in the four years since I started this blog? Let’s see…

  • When I started, I didn’t have a university degree. Now I have two and am working.
  • When I started, writing fiction was a hobby that I occasionally did. Now it’s something I do on a regular basis and hope to pursue professionally someday.
  • When I started, my Russian was terrible, even though I didn’t think so at the time. Now, it’s much better, though I have a ways to go.

Do you think I should buy a blogging cake tomorrow? I’m sorely tempted because who doesn’t want an excuse to eat cake. 🎂 🍰

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Happy blogging, everyone! I’m of the opinion that blogging is vastly preferable to Instagram, Facebook, and whatever other social media platform du jour is occupying everyone’s attention these days. (The only social media platform I truly like is Twitter, just to share.) Let’s keep the art of blogging alive and well, and may we have many more blogiversaries!


7 thoughts on “Happy Fourth Blogiversary!

  1. Congrats on your four year blogiversary Natalie! I’m a regular reader, only sometime commenter. I particularly enjoyed your post on Russian proverbs – I kind of wish I had corresponded with you more about the biography of Zhukov you read, I have the same book and I enjoyed it quite a lot. I’m trying to write (and maybe start a blog) and following your writing has been an inspiration and example for me. Congratulations again!


    1. Thanks! If you want to talk about Zhukov, send me an email… I’m so bad at responding to emails but I usually get to them eventually, LOL.

      You should start a blog! I’m always looking for blogs written by people who voluntarily read stuff about Russian history and enjoy it. There are too few of us who do that!


  2. Congrats! I almost never remember my own blogiversary. So it’s good to see someone remember their own. Most of my blogging friends have already stopped. It’s an achievement to keep going for four years!

    Hey, I (and lots of others) found an excuse (Pi day) to eat pie today, so you finding an excuse to eat cake is perfectly reasonable to me.


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