Rodina Photo Essay

The much-anticipated (at least by me) TV show Rodina airs tonight for the first time! If you’re in Russia and/or have access to Channel Rossiya, I think it’s at 9:00 in the evening Moscow time. I am so pumped for it, even though I won’t be watching it as it airs (since I’ll be work and don’t have access to Channel Rossiya anyway), so here are some awesome photos from the series.

You can click on any of the photos to see them larger. WordPress has a fun feature that lets you create galleries like this to make your photos pretty.


4 thoughts on “Rodina Photo Essay

  1. Hey Natalie, have you ever heard of/watched the series “Brigada”? It’s from several years back and is about a group of friends who form a crime syndicate during Russia’s wild 90’s. I learned quite a lot of Russian (slang, bad words, everything) from watching that show. Normally I’m not fond of TV but some Russian TV productions are quite good. I hope to catch “Rodina” eventually.


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