No Peace For The Last Tsar And His Family

Ugh, this news makes me so annoyed. Paul from the Royal Russia blog I read posted an article from Interfax, one of Russia’s main news sources, about a proposal to exhume the remains of Tsar Nicholas II and his family.

“All doubts about the authenticity of Emperor Nicholas II’s family relics should be eliminated,” said Sergey Mironenko, the director of the Russian State Archive (GARF) in Moscow.


As to disclosed relics of Nicholas II’s children Alexey and Maria, the archive director says he “is categorically against burying the relics without participation of the Russian Orthodox Church.”

He also promised to publish in the Internet all the materials referring to the case on disclosure of the tsar and his family relics. “The Russian State Archive has its own website and there we will post all the documents discovered during the research,” Mironenko said.

There’s more to the article, but the English is so bad that it’s just painful to read. Though, in my opinion, even if the English weren’t bad, it still would be painful. I don’t understand the point of digging up poor Nicholas and his family all over again. I’ve read so much about the search for the imperial family’s bodies. The evidence is conclusive: those people are indeed the late tsar and his family, along with their faithful servants. There’s been DNA analysis done. The best forensic scientists in the world have examined the remains. What more proof do you need?

It just makes me so frustrated. Those poor people lay rotting in a mineshaft without a proper burial for decades. Apparently the Russian Orthodox Church won’t recognize that these are indeed the remains of the tsar and his family. I wish they’d stop being stupid and let that poor family be buried together, and stay buried together. It’s the right thing to do.