Bank of Finland’s Russia Forecast

I’m subscribed to a newsletter put out by the Bank of Finland’s Institute for Economies in Transition. Don’t ask how I found it, because I can’t remember, but it’s the perfect thing for someone interested in Russia and economics. (My philosophy in life is if it relates to Russia, it’s probably at least somewhat interesting.) You can sign up for the newsletter here. And never fear, it’s all in English. If you sign up, you’ll get a weekly report with economic analysis on Russia and China. I’m not that interested in China, so I usually just read the Russia stuff. 🙂

Anyway, the annual forecast (this is different from the weekly report I get) just was mailed out last week. It was so interesting, so I thought I’d provide a link so you can read it. Basically, Russia’s economy is due to contract because of lower oil prices. No surprises there, but the analysis has some interesting nitty-gritty stuff about imports and exports, etc.


2 thoughts on “Bank of Finland’s Russia Forecast

  1. Interesting read, and something I really agree with. I have friends working in Russia for international companies and they’re either scaling back operations, expanding to other CIS states or leaving altogether. Part of it is due to the fact that Russia is a little more than a petrostate these days, but much has also to do with the, ehm, “volunteers” in Ukraine or the, ehm ehm, “plebiscite” in Crimea. It’s incredible how little of the oil wealth has been invested to create a local industrial scene, producing goods for internal consumption.


    1. That’s sad—I think it would be so cool to work abroad in Russia! It increasingly seems like government work (like as a diplomat or… another job in which one often pretends to be a diplomat!) is the only viable option nowadays.

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