Wednesday Music: Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 4 in D-Major

Today’s piece of music is another Mozart violin concerto: No. 4 in D-major, K. 218. This one is my personal favorite. I have worked on all three movements intensively with my previous violin teacher, so I have warm and fuzzy feelings towards this piece. I actually played the second movement for my jury when I finished my second year of university.

For those who aren’t music students, jury is something I had to do to continue receiving college credit for my violin lessons. Music majors have to do it, too, but I wasn’t a music major. Anyway, my jury went like this: I stood in a small room in the center of a circle of music professors who listened and stared at my intently as I played. To say it was nerve-wracking would be an understatement—but hey, at least I passed.

Here’s a little bit about the piece:

  • Music scholars have noted that the beginning of this concerto is similar to some piano concertos Mozart wrote later: it sounds sort of “trumpety” even though there are no trumpets.
  • Allegedly this concerto is at least partially modeled on one by Luigi Boccherini, a contemporary of Mozart. I’m not sure which concerto, though.
  • Like his other violin concertos, Mozart did not write a cadenza for this one. That’s a shame because we’ll never know what he intended to have played for the cadenza (and he probably intended something, as he probably performed his own violin concertos).

Or click here to see on YouTube.

Enjoy! This a decent performance by violinist Julia Fischer.


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