A Diplomatic Spat In The Czech Republic 

Note: I’m blogging from my phone for the first time ever, so please excuse any errors!

Have you heard about this diplomatic spat in the Czech Republic going on? It’s quite funny and quite ridiculous. From reading this article, I think this is what happened: the US ambassador to the Czech Republic said on TV that he didn’t approve of the Czech president going to the upcoming Victory Day parade in Moscow. The president took offense and has now banned the ambassador from coming to the presidential office. 

Now, I don’t approve of the Czech president’s attendance at the parade, either, but my position has nothing to do with the Russian actions in Ukraine and everything to do with the fact that the idiotic leader of North Korea will be in attendance, too. (How dare he be invited?!? My form of boycott will be not watching the parade, which kills me. But oh well.) However, I don’t think it’s anyone’s right to go on Czech TV and tell the president not to go. If anything, I think he’s even more determined to attend since it’s about the principle of the matter now. 

Sigh. I’m sure this spat will blow over eventually… But a part of me thinks that the State Department takes a perverse pleasure in creating these incidents.