Join Ron’s ‘Language Surf Club’

One of my favorite language learning blogs is Ron’s Language Surfer. Seriously, if you aren’t reading this blog and you’re a language learner, you’re totally missing out. And for the record, I loved this blog even before Ron invited me to do a guest post. 🙂

Anyway, Ron is starting a new thing called the “Language Surf Club.” You go to the post I just linked to and sign up to get advice, including exclusive lessons on how to boost your language learning. I’m working on taking my Russian to the next level, so I signed up. If you’re learning a language, you should too. Unlike other language learners out there (I’m feeling nice right now, so I won’t name any names…), Ron knows what he’s talking about and offers excellent, actionable advice.

I just received my first Language Surf Club lesson by email, so I’m off to read that!