No Wednesday Music Today :(

Dear readers, I’m afraid there isn’t going to be a Wednesday music post today. I did have a piece planned, but then I had a major internet outage last night. (Here’s a shout-out to Charter Communications, officially the second-worst internet provider in America! My tip for Charter’s management is this: you have social media. Use it to acknowledge your outages! Trust me, customers like it when you admit that something’s wrong and you’re working on fixing it.)

Anyway, I was all set to post tonight, but then I got too sad because of some news. As I was reading through the stories in my RSS subscriptions, I came across this post on The Write Practice, a blog I read. A cat, Pooh, who wrote a weekly post for the blog (don’t laugh—his owner acted as his typist and it worked out pretty well) died on April 1. So now the world has one less cute cat.

I love cats and I’ll miss Pooh’s posts and cute pictures accompanying his writing. Here is a cat emoji to make this post at least somewhat cute: 🐈 (It’s a cat on my Mac when I type it, but WordPress makes it look like a dog or a fox!!)