I Finished Watching Rodina

Remember that Russian TV show Rodina that I’ve blogged about a lot? Well, I finally finished watching it: I’ve seen all twelve episodes in their entirety. And I’m not entirely sure I liked it.

Honestly, if there is a Season 2 (and I heard there’s supposed to be), I will probably watch it, if only to find out what happens to this one character. But the ending that I saw tonight? Wow. Just wow. It was a bit unexpected and a bit of a letdown. I don’t want to say too much, in case some of you are planning on watching it, but by the end, I strongly disliked the main character. He basically throws this other character under the bus, so to speak, and everyone still thinks he’s this wonderful war hero who’s going to be a parliamentary deputy in the Duma and live happily ever after with his perfect family and I just was like, UGH. He’s such a hypocrite.

I do hope there’s a Season 2. Even though everyone on the show thinks the main character is amazing, I still don’t trust him. Unfortunately, the only person on the show who holds my view has been discredited… so we’ll see what happens (hopefully).


4 thoughts on “I Finished Watching Rodina

  1. That’s basically why I don’t watch recent Russian TV shows and films. Even patriotism cannot make me watch them, because their contents is just the opposite of the very meaning of that word. I have an impression that their directors are on the CIA payroll.

      1. Seriously, aren’t the latest Russian movies depressing? Take for example “Leviathan”. Just doom and gloom and absolutely nothing positive. Where is the example to follow? Where is something worth living and dying for?

      2. I haven’t seen Leviathan… none of the theaters in my area got it! I think the last Russian movie I saw was Stalingrad. I LOVED it, but it was quite depressing, too!

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