April Writing Report 2015

Remember that quarterly writing report I posted a little while ago? Well, I have another one for you. It’s monthly, not quarterly, but still just as good.

In April, I wrote a grand total of 22,804 words. That’s an average of 760 words per day. And I wrote nearly every day, too. I only missed five days, which is pretty good. All of those words went towards my current science fiction novel that I’m working on. That brings my word count for the first third of the year to 77,518 words, or 646 words per day.

I’m happy to say that I’ve started May off strong and have been writing every day. Slowly but surely, the novel is growing. To my beta readers—you know who you are—get ready. I hope to finish in the next two months or so. 🙂

Here’s a shout-out to the online writing group I participate in, the Writing Challenge. If you haven’t joined, come give it a try. You can join at any time on Twitter—just use that month’s hashtag (it’s #MayWritingChallenge right now). I promise we’re nice and don’t bite! 📖✒️