The State Of Wednesday Music

I didn’t post Wednesday Music this week because I was sick on Wednesday. I completely forgot about it.

Originally, this led me to wonder whether I should continue Wednesday Music. Is there any point in posting it? Do my readers actually listen to it? I know my mom does, but how about the rest of you? I was going to make a poll to determine the fate of Wednesday Music.

Then I read this book by Mark Bauerlein called The Dumbest Generation. In it, the author quotes a statistic that one in forty young people (I don’t remember the exact age range, but you get the idea) play a musical instrument. An extremely small number listen to classical music. And I realized that I am going to continue Wednesday Music. Classical music is amazing and I’m not going to give up my quest to get more people, no matter what age, to listen to it.

In short, yes, Wednesday Music will return next week. I’m going to schedule a post this weekend so even if I do get sick, I’ll have something to post anyway.


2 thoughts on “The State Of Wednesday Music

  1. I look for these but don’t always listen, depending on what the piece is. I listened to Scheherazade and enjoyed it. If you are really taking a poll, the occasional violin concerto is fine but a little more variety of instrument would be nice. (I know it’s your instrument, so I’m not criticizing – just opining.)


    1. Okay, good to know. I feel like Wednesday Music will always be a bit violin-heavy, as the violin is the best instrument ever! 😉 I do know a ton of good non-violin pieces, either symphonic works or with other instruments playing solo parts, so I will have to start posting those, too. 🙂


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