Fancy Title

I found out today that my department at The Bank has decided to start giving people fancy titles. Based on my pay grade, I’ve been made an assistant vice president. For all you non-bankers out there, it’s unfortunately not nearly as fancy as it sounds… 🙂

Also, I want to point out how terrible the weather has been recently. It is so infernally hot where I am. Whenever I’m home, I feel like I have the air conditioner running nonstop. It’s not even summer yet (the solstice isn’t until Sunday) and going outside during the day is torturous. Give me a Russian summer right now, please!


2 thoughts on “Fancy Title

  1. I have been to car dealerships where every service personnel is “assistant service manager”. I tend to say stuff like “impressive, good for you!” when I see a title like “vice president of branch” even though they usually admit it’s not all that. Makes them happy and more helpful, though!


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