A New Russian Novel

So, remember when I boldly announced that I was going to read Fyodor Berezin’s War 2010: The Ukrainian Front? Well, I started reading it that very day. And at first, I liked it, I really did. Unfortunately, I lost interest about twenty percent of the way in. (Kindle tells you what percentage of a book you’ve read, so that’s how I know I was twenty percent in.) Honestly, I got bored with it. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s bad writing and I picked up on that. Or maybe it’s just not to my taste. I don’t always like English-language novels that focus heavily on military elements.

The Argentine by Elvira Baryakina
The Argentine by Elvira Baryakina

I’m not afraid to quit books when I don’t like them, so I quit this one. I’m reading something else now. It’s called The Argentine [Аргентинец] by Elvira Baryakina. So far, I really like it. It’s about a Russian guy named Klim who ran away from home when he was seventeen and ended up in Argentina. He learned Spanish and writes for a newspaper and seems to have a good life. He inherited property back home in Russia ten years after leaving and is going back because of that. That doesn’t seem so radical, does it? Well, it is because he’s returning to Russia in 1917, after the Russian revolution has taken place and deposed the tsar. It’s quite a dangerous time, especially for someone with enough money to own property. I found all that out in chapter one, which I read last night. I’m loving the book so far and learning some new words and sentence constructions. Plus, I don’t know if I’ve ever said this explicitly, but the Russian Revolution and ensuing Civil War are some of my favorite historical eras to study. That was what I planned to study in graduate school, had I pursued a PhD in history. I’m very excited about this book. Hopefully it won’t get boring like the prior one I stopped reading!


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