Viktor Yanukovych Interviewed By The BBC

No, I haven’t watched the interview yet, but I plan to. See article with embedded videos here.

Dang, I don’t know about you, but I would love to interview him! The best part is I wouldn’t even need an interpreter. I’d just speak directly to him in Russian.


5 thoughts on “Viktor Yanukovych Interviewed By The BBC

      1. Конечно.
        Первое исправление: мо-моему, к слову “писала” больше подходит “исправлял”, а “исправил” больше подходило бы к “написала”.

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      2. Спасибо. Is it better to use писать and исправлять in this case since I’m talking about writing in Russian in general, as in multiple times? Not one time as would be implied by the perfective?


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