Wednesday Music: Schumann’s Piano Concerto In A Minor

These week’s piece of music is another classic from the Romantic era I’ve loved for a while: Robert Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 54. You know the drill–before we get down to business and listen to the thing, let’s learn a bit about it first. 🙂

  • Though Schumann worked on several piano concertos in his life, this was the only one he actually completed. The prior ones were in E-flat major, F major, and D minor. Luckily, he managed to complete this on in 1845 with the encouragement of his wife, Clara Schumann.
  • Some have said Edvard Grieg may have used this concerto as a model for his own concerto. I could see that possibly being true, as the opening notes of Schumann’s and Grieg’s concertos are similar. They’re both in the same key, too.
  • Schumann attempted to commit suicide in 1854, nine years after finishing this concerto. He had mental health problems and never recovered. He died in 1856 at the age of forty-six.

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Enjoy! Also: Happy July!