The Question Of The Week…

…is whether I should wade back into Russian politics again? Yes, I know I “retired” back in May, but I was rather bored today and thinking, maybe I should start doing that again. After all, I’ve been kind-of, sort-of reading about Russian politics during my lunch breaks during the past two months. Here are some of my random thoughts on the matter—thinking out loud, so to speak.

  • I think I have a pretty unique perspective on things, so why not share it. I mean, my opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s in the field, right?
  • Maybe I need to change my attitude towards the whole thing. I used to take my politics very seriously. It may be serious stuff, but one person like me probably isn’t going to be effecting change. If I approach it from a more casual perspective—as a neutral observer, maybe—it could be fun again.
  • Regarding all the negativity and hate from other people—well, as the saying goes, haters gonna hate. I’ll just ignore them. It’s not like other things I blog about don’t have their fair share of negativity, too. You’d think language blogging would be pretty innocuous, right? You’d be wrong. There have been some pretty nasty fights in the language learning blogosphere in the last couple of years. I just ignore the mean people and keep writing, as do a lot of the bloggers I read.
  • To continue that prior point, that means I’ll probably delete blog comments that have ad hominem attacks. There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing, but you’ve got to back up arguments with actual facts. And yes, calling someone a “Kremlin troll” is ad hominem.* Saying “Your support of [the Kremlin/the Ukrainian government/Belarus/etc.] is wrong/based on flawed logic/etc.” is not.

What say you, wise and loyal blog readers? Let me know via the awesome poll embedded below.

*Personally, I think this term is ad hominem in any case. Even if you don’t agree with that, it is in mine specifically because the Russian government has never paid me anything, money or otherwise, to go on the internet and spout their point of view. First off, I criticize the Kremlin where I deem it necessary and second, I really doubt they know I exist. Though if they do: Всем привет!


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