The Poll And The Plane

I conducted a poll last week but then I didn’t feel like blogging very much, as you probably noticed. (I even missed Wednesday Music!) Last week was the anniversary of the MH17 crash in Ukraine, which made (and still makes) me too sad to blog about Russia and/or Ukraine. So even though the poll was overwhelmingly in favor of me returning to writing about Russia, I didn’t feel like it last week.

Did you know that animals were among the victims of the plane crash? There were animals in the cargo hold, including adorable dogs and adorable birds. I never heard about that last year when the crash happened. My advice to you is not to seek out photos of these animals. I stumbled across a couple and they were very sad. 😭

I’m feeling very sad tonight about the plane. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. Now I’m off to read some Russian poetry, including this poem, which I completely forgot existed until earlier this evening.


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