Excellent Post: “Writing A Lot, Writing A Little, And The Power Of Failure”

I read this post over the weekend, when I was in one of those moods during which I think that all my attempts at fiction writing are terrible, I’ll never publish anything that people want to read, and that I should just give up on writing altogether. Yeah, not very pleasant thoughts. My theory is that all writers have them at least every once in a while.

Anyway, novelist Chuck Wendig wrote a blog post featuring tweets from actual published, successful writers. Basically, these writers said:

  • You have to write a lot to get decent at writing.
  • Different books can take different lengths of time to write (even if they’re roughly the same amount of words).
  • Everyone has written those bad books that are never published. This isn’t a bad thing because you’re still learning and most people never write ANY books. Even a bad book is still a book.
  • There’s no such thing as overnight success. See the first point.
  • Finish your work! An idea for a novel doesn’t do anyone any good. A manuscript does.

That’s what I got from the post, anyway. I’m sure I missed some stuff, so you ought to go read it. Tweets are short by nature, so it doesn’t take long to read through.


One thought on “Excellent Post: “Writing A Lot, Writing A Little, And The Power Of Failure”

  1. I loved this post, too! I loved seeing the perspective of “most people never write one (book), ever” and seeing people like him and Joe Hill who talk openly about writing shitty books at first. It’s all progress 🙂


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