Massive Writing Report (July And August Combined)

Obligatory writing instrument.
Obligatory writing instrument.

You may have forgotten, but I never posted my monthly writing report for July. Since August is now over, too, I’m just going to combine the July and August reports into one post.

In July, I wrote a total of 18,802 words. That’s an average of 606 per day. There were thirteen days when I didn’t write anything, mainly because I was outlining the book I’m working on right now. (That outlining takes up a lot of time!) As of the end of July, I had written 141,856 words this year. At that rate, I may make it to 200,000 by the end of this year!

In August, I wrote a total of 23,052 words. That’s an average of 743 per day. I missed writing on twelve days in August. As of the end of August, I had written 164,908 words. I think August was a particularly good month for me because I started working on a book I’ve wanted to write for ages. I finally outlined it in July and started working on it early in the month. In fact, I had one day in August during which I wrote a whopping 5,114 words! That’s the most I’ve ever written in one day, I think. It’s amazing what you can do when you’ve outlined something, know where the story is going, and get very excited about it. 🙂

So far this month, I’ve only missed one day of writing (Saturday). Here’s to hoping for a strong month to finish the third quarter!


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  1. I remember ink pens. We used to write with them in the first three grades. We also used промокашки, because those stains can be nasty.
    Я так и не дождался твоего мненеия по поводу моих постов.


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