A Calling

About a year ago, I started outlining a nonfiction book about Ukraine. Then some stuff happened and I trashed my research and stopped working on the book. I even stopped using the software I had to research the book (a nice little application called Evernote, in case you’re wondering).

I recently began using Evernote again to organize some other files I had on my computer. (Who would have thought it was great for organizing crochet and knitting patterns, too?) I stumbled across the outline for the Ukraine book and realized something: I think I want to write it. There were many reasons I abandoned writing it. I was busy with some other things, I was worried that my perspective would be unpopular, etc. Well, I still may be busy with other things, like work stuff and my fiction writing, and my perspective certainly isn’t well-represented in many articles I’ve read, but I’m really feeling compelled to write this book.

Maybe announcing projects very far in advance is a bad idea… but I’m doing so anyway because I’m excited. I know that I have way too many writing projects planned (I have a document dedicated to nothing but ideas for novels that I want to write someday). But hey, what’s yet another project to add to the pile? Besides, on the bright side, I find writing nonfiction vastly easier to writing fiction. I have no idea why, but it’s true.


12 thoughts on “A Calling

  1. I think if you have a different perspective, that is all the more reason you should write the book. Some people will probably hate it, but who cares? It will be a good experience for you, and may help others as a bonus.


  2. Lisa S. has voiced my thoughts exactly. Natalie, if the book’s perspective is anything like that of your blog posts on Russia and Ukraine, I will gladly read it. In writing this book, you will be bringing an interesting and refreshing new view to the table.
    I wish you the best of luck in your work!


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