A Cute Dog For Sunday

I’ve had an amazingly productive weekend, everyone. I don’t know if it has to do with the extra hour we gained due to Daylight Saving Time ending, or if the constant rain made me stay busy inside so I didn’t get bored, but I’ve done a lot. I wrote, I read, I played violin, and I even studied for the professional certification exam I want to take.

Now I’m just relaxing, so here’s a photo of a cute basset hound for you. My mom sent it to me.

Isn't he adorable?
Isn’t he adorable?

Have a good rest of your weekend, everyone! I’m planning on getting up early tomorrow to work on editing my novel. What are your plans?


6 thoughts on “A Cute Dog For Sunday

  1. Are you in the Pacific NW too? We also had a long and rainy weekend!

    Tomorrow is my last day before a new English course starts. Instead of going into panic mode (“what did I forget? did I double check that pdf?), I’m going to do a little coursework in the morning, then go get a massage and stop freaking out 🙂


    1. I am not in the Pacific northwest. I sort of wish I were, to be honest! I’m in the complete opposite now: the southeast. LOL.

      What English course are you doing? Are you still studying? I’d assumed you were working, but perhaps I assumed wrongly?


      1. Nope, you’re right 🙂 The studies ended a while back. I’m teaching English online now. We’re experimenting with online income / working remotely / entrepreneurship and this is me having a go at it. I love teaching but the verdict is still out on doing it via Skype. At least all the students right now are Russian speakers- it’s a nice bonus.

        And of course now I see the Alabama on your sidebar twitter *face palm* How is Alabama in terms of resources / community for your language studies?


      2. That sounds cool! I’ve considered doing that, too. Let me know how it goes.

        Language learning community is pretty non-existent here, to be honest. Thank goodness for the internet! Or else I’d be stuck in a language-learning desert and slowly withering up, LOL.

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  2. Isn’t basset from the same family that bassoon, contrabass and bassguitar?
    Did you read “The Talent Code” (I’d buy the book if I had opportunities)? There is a section in the book about one violin school where students play John Cage’s “As Slow As Possible” as part of their training. Well, maybe they don’t play it, but something close.


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