October Writing Report

Another month, another writing report. Here’s what I did in October with my writing: there’s good news and bad news.

First, the bad news: my total word count is the lowest it’s been all year. I wrote only 12,452 words in October. (My highest month had a count of almost 25,000.) That’s an average of 401 words a day—my lowest average all year, as you’d expect. I missed quite a few days of writing, too. As of the end of October, I wrote 198,343 words for the entire year.

Now, for the good news: October was when I started to work on editing my most promising novel. It’s science fiction and I wrote it earlier this year. Therefore, a lot of the days I didn’t have any recorded word count were days during which I read my manuscript and took notes, or worked on my scene map and wrote scene notes. I do all of that by hand and there’s no way I’m going to take the time to count words when I write by hand, as it’s just too tedious!

Anyway, the editing continues this month. I’ve written every day so far because I’ve been implementing the changes I decided on back in October. Also, I’ve passed the 200,000-word mark for words written in 2015! I was going to tell you that in my November writing report, but it’s such a nice big number that I couldn’t wait.

I’d also like to say good luck to everyone who’s participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I did it two years ago because I’d always wanted to do it (and I really wanted the prizes!). Nowadays, I basically write year-round (if we define “writing” as “extensively outlining, writing a draft, and editing said draft”), so I didn’t see the point in stopping with my editing to work on something totally different, especially since I’m making very good progress. Even if I’m not a participant, I’m still cheering all my NaNo writing buddies along from the sidelines.

Now, back to editing a chapter of the novel…