2016 New Year’s Resolutions: Language Learning And Music

This is the second part in a two-part series about my resolutions for 2016. Part 1 is here. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment about your resolutions, if you’ve made any!

This year, I’ve made some New Year’s Resolutions relating to my Russian learning and violin playing. First, I’ll talk about the Russian-related ones. I went on a business trip to New York in December (I just realized I forgot to blog about that, so I’ll have to write a post later and show you some pictures) and I met a lot of Russian people. I talked to many of them and was annoyed to find out that I had forgotten some words. I had a good comprehension of what they were saying to me, but I kept forgetting vocabulary when I tried to talk to them. It was so frustrating!

I still think I’m at a decent level for a language learner, but I want to improve this year. I’m planning to use iTalki, a social networking site for language learning, more often. It has a lot of useful features, including a “Notebook” functionality where you can write short compositions in the language you’re learning and have them corrected by native speakers of that language. I’ve corrected other people’s work, but haven’t actually written anything myself.

The site is also sponsoring a language challenge this year (I can’t find a link to it, unfortunately) that I plan to join. (Anyone can join if you have an account.) I want to talk to native speakers on Skype, either teachers that I pay or random people as language exchange partners, during which I’d help them with English in exchange for Russian help.

I briefly considered studying a new language this year, but decided against it. The more I learn of the Russian language, the more I love it and want to improve more. And trust me, there’s definitely room for improvement. My accent could use some work and there’s a ton of vocabulary I still don’t know. I think the sheer volume of vocabulary is one of the most discouraging things about learning a language: it’s not until you try to learn a foreign language as an adult that you realize what an incredible amount of words exist in both your native language and foreign languages.

My resolution regarding my violin playing is a lot simpler: I just want to play more this year. I didn’t play as much as I should have last year. It’s hard to find time to play sometimes because I’m often too tired and/or too busy when I come home from work. How I’m going to rectify this, I don’t know. But hopefully I’ll figure something out.

Several of you left comments on my prior post—thank you! I will respond to them tomorrow or this weekend. For any readers who didn’t leave comments on the prior post: have you made resolutions? If so, what are some of them?


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  1. Good goals! I think it’s great that you choose to improve your Russian instead of learn a new language. I feel that the majority of language learners out there choose to take on a bunch of languages with the hope of achieving fluency quickly in all of them. I think it’s so much more rewarding to focus on one or two languages.


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