Wednesday Music: Boccherini’s Symphony In D Minor

I can’t believe it’s already time for a Wednesday Music post! Last week went by quickly and this week has, too. Admittedly, this week has no doubt been helped along by that holiday we had on Monday. I think one of my favorite things about working in financial services is the banking holidays. 😉

Anyway, on to this week’s piece: Luigi Boccherini’s Symphony in D minor, Op. 12. No. 4, G506. I haven’t featured a Boccherini piece in a while. He’s one of my mom’s favorite composers, so I try to write about his music every so often.

  • This piece is nicknamed “La casa del diavolo.” If you’ve studied a Romance language, especially Spanish, you can probably infer that means “House of the Devil.” I’ll admit, I was hooked on this piece even before listening to it due to its nickname!
  • The symphony is in three movements. Most classical symphonies are in four, from what I’ve noticed. Another odd thing about this is the second movement is written for strings only, not the entire orchestra.
  • The nickname allegedly comes from the third movement because it’s eerie and is supposed to sound like the Devil’s House. I have no idea how accurate this is, though, as it’s very difficult to find reliable information about most of Boccherini’s pieces, this one included.

I found the best video I could, considering the circumstances. You see, it’s very hard to find decent recordings of Boccherini’s music because he just isn’t that well-known. This video just has audio, not a proper video of the orchestra playing. It also seems to have a slight flaw in the recording right in the beginning—unfortunately, that can’t be helped because I don’t have much of a choice of videos to embed. Enjoy!

Or click here to watch on YouTube.