My Latest Obsession: Russian Craft Blogs

As you probably saw last year, I stopped following the news. It’s been an excellent decision and one that I cannot recommend highly enough. However, since I used news websites to help with my Russian learning, I realized I needed some way to fill this void because I need my daily dose of Russian content. It’s not easy keeping up with my Russian in a monolingual city, but it can be done.

The first thing I’ve done is resolved to read more books in Russian. I read novels really slowly and Russian novels are often really long, so I’ve been working on the same book for ages. That isn’t enough, though. To get exposure to some more easily read material, I’ve turned to blogs. I used to read some political blogs in Russian, but you know how that ended up.

Luckily, there are a ton of Russian people using the internet to blog, just as there are in the English-speaking world. (I read that internet penetration in Russia isn’t as high as it is in the US or Canada, but since Russia is so big, that’s still a lot of people online. Just saying.) And I’ve found a new niche of Russian blogs that I am completely obsessed with. I call them the craft blogs.

Right now, I’m following four Russian craft blogs: Дневник рукодельницы, Creative Living (despite the name, it is written in Russian), Матрёшкин блог, and Родом из мечты. The four lovely Russian women post about their lives and the craft projects they do, like sewing, knitting, crocheting, and needlepoint. I am totally addicted to these blogs because they’re fascinating. It’s so neat to see what everyday life is like in Russia. You see, not all of these bloggers live in big glittering Moscow. The first one lives in Penza, I think, and another lives in Samara. And yes, maybe their lives aren’t as conventionally exciting as some well-known journalist or politician living in Moscow, but that isn’t a bad thing. My life isn’t exactly that exciting either, sometimes. I’m certainly not meeting famous people or jetting off to exotic locations every weekend!

Plus I like reading about other people’s crafts. It’s a bonus that I get to learn some Russian words while I’m at it. 🙂


12 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession: Russian Craft Blogs

  1. Another plus is that the runet is huge. It’s not only Russia but also Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia…
    There’s also the thing that Russian knitting translates good to the American one, unlike with recipes.

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  2. Hmm perhaps I will not talk about the main point of this post, but… I would like to know Russian, I have heard that Russian novels are great 😀 We read them in Polish high schools, but Polish translations, not oryginal ones.

    Just a random thought 😛 🙂


      1. Dear Natalie 🙂

        Perhaps some day I will learn. There are two problems with Russian for me:

        1. It uses different alphabet
        2. I do not understand where I should use this special “silent letters”. You know which ones? This ones where they does not have a sound on their own but which changes the word. You know, “hard” and “soft” characters? Anyway, I never got it.

        Perhaps some day I will learn Russian, but currently I would like to focus on other languages 🙂


      2. Szymon, the alphabet is the easiest part! 😉 As for the hard and soft sign, they aren’t bad. I think you probably have those sounds in Polish even if you don’t actually call them that. Seriously, you could learn Russian really easily. The grammar is quite similar to Polish, too.


      3. Hm… IF I will find a teacher I will try to learn 😛 🙂 Or maybe duolingo? How is your opinion on Russian duolingo? 🙂


      4. I’m not a big fan of Duolingo, to be honest. But I know some people love it. I’ll have to write a blog post about why I don’t like it because it’s way too complicated to explain here. 🙂


      5. Ok, I am not a big fan of Duolingo either 🙂 I mean, there are languages with easy grammar that you can learn using Duolingo, but the languages with more complicated one are impossible to learn using this site I believe.


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