Thoughts On Watching ‘The Patriot’ Again

I think they photoshopped Mel's eyes to make them look bluer.
I think they photoshopped Mel’s eyes to make them look bluer.

When I was younger—still a kid, because this was about fifteen years ago—a little historical film called The Patriot came out. Of course, I’m being facetious when I call it little because it was actually quite big, both in length (it’s almost three hours long) and budget. My parents and I were on vacation and they decided to rent it in the hotel we were staying at. I begged to see it with them. Even then, I loved history and historical things.

Unfortunately, I only got to see about half of it. It was so long I would have been up way past my bedtime if I watched the entire thing, and they also worried about objectionable material being present. When they determined it was fine for me to see, we rented it again once we were home and I got to see the whole thing. I loved it. Then I grew up and didn’t watch it for a number of years because I was too busy doing other things.

Last week, I read something online that reminded me of The Patriot, so I rented it and watched it last weekend. I know some people say they’re disappointed by books they reread or movies they rewatch because they don’t said book or film anymore. I’m happy to report that was definitely not the case with my rewatching of The Patriot. I love it as much as I did when I was a kid. Basically, The Patriot is a fabulous movie and you should rewatch it—or watch it for the first time if you haven’t seen it already. Here’s my advice if you decide to do so.

  • Getting the director’s cut is TOTALLY WORTH IT. Okay, since it costs the same as the regular version on iTunes, “worth it” may not be the best way to phrase it, but you get what I mean.
  • If you get the director’s cut, it’s an extra fifteen minutes or so, mainly of Jason Isaacs (the British guy, Colonel Tavington, who is the main antagonist). He’s such a great actor and it’s a shame they cut so many of his scenes. Besides, he really pulls off that British uniform quite well, if you ask me, so get the director’s cut!
  • It’s nice to see a good solid patriotic film. I feel like a lot of people don’t care about this country or it’s history. Heck, I’ve been fed up with a lot of what’s gone on recently, so it’s nice to see a reminder of where we came from.
  • And yes, I know some people may say that the British are portrayed too harshly in this film—but remember, dear British friends, you didn’t want to let us go back when we declared our independence. The government did put up quite a fight!
  • I completely forgot Heath Ledger was in this. It’s really sad to think that he was alive the last time I watched it…

Just go rent this movie, okay? It’s full of historical goodies: cool costumes, battles that look really realistic, and all sorts of other delights. Amadeus will probably always be my favorite movie ever—but The Patriot definitely vies for second place.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts On Watching ‘The Patriot’ Again

  1. I like this movie a lot – one of the few I’ve bothered to own. (Most movies I don’t want to see more than once – life’s too short – too much time.) Thanks for the tip on the Director’s cut, though, didn’t realize there was one. The next time I’m hankering to see that, I’ll rent that version.


    1. Same here, I don’t own that many movies because I don’t really re-watch stuff all that often, unless I REALLY like it. The director’s cut is TOTALLY worth it, I promise. (Well, if you’re not into seeing Jason Isaacs rock that uniform, maybe you won’t appreciate it quite as much as I did… but his acting is still great, so there’s that.) 😉


  2. I remember watching The Patriot long ago as well, though I remember very little of it. Now seems like a pretty good time to watch it again.


      1. I definitely will! I’ve considered doing something similar on my blog, i.e. reviewing more books. Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy writing reviews very much, which is why I haven’t done that yet. I do like read them, though!


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