Wednesday Music: Haydn’s Symphony No. 94

My friends, I have been remiss. In over a year of Wednesday Music posts, I’ve never once posted a piece by Joseph Haydn. Haydn is a very important figure in classical music. He was Mozart’s mentor. He was Beethoven’s teacher. He helped develop chamber music and is known as the “Father of the String Quartet and “Father of the Symphony.” Yet I’ve never posted about anything he wrote, which is terrible! Today’s piece is Haydn’s Symphony No. 94 in G Major, H. 1/94. Here’s a bit about it.

  • This symphony, written in 1791 for a series of concerts Haydn gave on his visit to England, is nicknamed the “Surprise Symphony” due to a sudden and unexpected loud chord in the second movement.
  • Haydn wrote twelve of these so-called “London symphonies.” The first six, including this one, were for his first visit to London, and the second six for a later visit.
  • The symphony was very popular in its day and is still widely performed.

Enjoy! Don’t forget to listen for the surprise…

Or click here to see on YouTube.