Update On The Job

Oops, I just realized I haven’t blogged all week. I forgot to schedule posts over the weekend. In general, if I don’t schedule posts in advance, nothing goes up on the blog, unfortunately!

Last week was great. The new job is going well so far. Everyone in my new department is really nice. They’ve given me a lot of work already, which I suppose is a good thing. Other than that, I’ve been reading, writing, and feeling bad about neglecting my Russian. Seriously, people who learn languages from scratch while working must be really amazing, because I can barely manage to maintain my Russian.

I’m planning to schedule some posts this weekend, so next week things should be back to normal.


4 thoughts on “Update On The Job

  1. That’s so great, about your new job! I’ve been going through a similar transition, probably from similar reasons and I received a new job offer too 🙂


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