7 Reads on the Radar

My friend J.T. has a fabulous new blog concerning books on Russia, which is one of my favorite topics. This is the latest post on said blog, concerning upcoming books on Russia. They all sound so interesting that I couldn’t help but reblog it!

Russia Reviewed

One of the “benefits” of Russia’s resurgence as a global power is that there is no shortage of new Russia book releases. Here are seven books scheduled for publication this year that I can’t wait to peruse.

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One thought on “7 Reads on the Radar

  1. A new blog about Russian-related anything? Yра!! 😀 Thank you for sharing this, Natalie!

    It’s really good to see reviews of these kinds of books and I appreciate it when someone does this. Am still struggling with a diet of mainly junk books, haha.

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