Update On The Russian Resources Page, Part 2

Remember that Russian resources page I talked about a while ago, then forgot to update you about? Well, I finally remembered I haven’t posted an update about it since February.

In the past month, it has ballooned into a rather large document. In fact, it has become so large that I’ve made a decision not to publish it as a page on this blog. It’s just going to be too long! Instead, I’m going to make it a little ebook instead. Right now, it’s at an awkward length where it’s too long for the blog, but not necessarily a full-fledged ebook, hence my characterization of it as a little ebook.

I’ve wanted to publish an ebook for years now, so I’m really excited about this. I know how to format it for various online ebook stores. The only obstacle will be getting a cover for it because I’m laughably bad at visual design. (If you have graphic design talents or know someone who does… don’t hesitate to drop me a line.)

Anyway, I’m still working on actually finishing the post ebook. I didn’t realize how much I had to say about learning Russian until I began to write it down!


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