Review: Starforgers

Starforgers by Ken McConnell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think the plot of this novel is quite interesting, but there were some problems that kept me from enjoying it. In no particular order:

-Comma usage was so not right. There were commas missing where they should have been and commas added where they didn’t belong. Remember, when someone is addressed directly by name, title, etc., that needs to be set off with commas. For example: “I’m so glad we had the chance to fly together, Devon.” That comma before Devon is NOT optional! Not having it is a glaring omission and one that this book had throughout.

-Typos and/or misuse of words also occurred. A few I remember off the top of my head: shudder should have been used instead of shutter; purr instead of pure; from instead of form (this is one I’ve done myself many times!); and furry instead of fury. There may have been more that I don’t recall.

-Head hopping was also rampant in this book. I think the author was trying to do third-person limited point of view, but there was way too much jumping around into other characters’ heads in the middle of scenes, especially towards the end. I was practically getting whiplash!

-Finally, this book doesn’t just end mid-sentence—it ends mid-word. (I don’t think it was supposed to. This isn’t some literary device, as far as I can tell. It’s an error.) I’m assuming the last part of the last sentence is supposed to read “the next thousand years” but it says “the next thousan” and just ends like that.

Seriously, I liked the concept of this book. If the above technical errors were fixed, I would have given it four stars. (I’m docking a star because the author killed off one of the most interesting characters, a villain who I thought was one of the more well-drawn characters in the novel.)

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