Review: Star Nomad

Star Nomad
Star Nomad by Lindsay Buroker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In recent years, it’s become increasingly rare for me to become so absorbed in a book that I stay up super late reading and neglect doing other things in order to finish it. It’s not that books have been getting bad over the years—it’s that I don’t have time anymore to do this.

However, this book is an exception. I started reading it late on June 3. I stayed up to probably 2 am (I was too scared to look at the clock!) trying to finish it. I didn’t finish it, so I went to bed and finished it the next day, on June 4. Then I immediately went and bought the next one when I saw it was out.

I’ve read a ton of Lindsay Buroker‘s books before. I devoured her Emperor’s Edge, which I highly recommend if you like character-driven stories set in a fascinating fantasy universe. (They have magic and scary creatures and an empire and all sorts of good stuff.)

However, I usually prefer science fiction to fantasy, which is one reason I enjoyed this book so much. The plot is intriguing—the protagonist has to work with a character who fought in the same war she fought in, but he was on the opposite side—and the characters are great. That’s one thing I like about this author’s work: she always makes her characters seem like real people. Their banter is always fun to read, too. It’s very realistic and often quite funny.

As I said, I immediately went out and bought the second book in the series and finished it within an afternoon because it was also so good. Now on to the third book. Here’s to hoping the author releases three more books very soon!

Note: I didn’t receive a free copy or any sort of payment in exchange for this review. I just really, really liked this book!

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