In Memory Of A Language Blogger

You guys, I found out something really sad this weekend. A language blogger, Ron, who used to write the excellent Language Surfer blog, passed away earlier this year, in March. He’d stopped writing on his blog back in January because he was busy with a graduate program. I’d always hoped he’d come back to his blog eventually.

Ron and I corresponded by email about language learning and we followed each other on Twitter as well. I never met him in person, but he was always encouraging to all language learners. He spoke Arabic, German, Spanish, and probably even more languages I’m forgetting. I’m sure his blog was just one (small) part of his life, but I know a lot of us in the language learning community will miss his posts and enthusiasm.

Вечная память.


4 thoughts on “In Memory Of A Language Blogger

  1. Natalie, I’m very sad to hear that news. I follow both your blogs and only engaged with Ron directly through few comment exchanges. It’s especially sad as based on his blog over the last few years, he seemed to be finding a fruitful new professional direction for his language interests and skills.


    1. Thanks for commenting, acutia. I agree with you entirely. He definitely seemed to be finding some great professional opportunities that allowed him to use his foreign languages, which is awesome. It’s so sad he’s gone now. He was definitely one of the better language bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of reading!


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