One Year Of Being Facebook-Free

Just Say No.

Over a year ago, I deleted my Facebook account. I consider deleting to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. Seriously, my life is so much less complicated. I don’t have to worry about logging in and seeing stupid posts and stupid drama and all that. Though I can see the appeal of being a member of the website if you live far away from family and want to see photos they post, it just really got to me after a while.

Seriously, I think everyone should try going Facebook-free to see how it is. You can deactivate your account (which isn’t the same as deleting it) temporarily. Once you see how much simpler life is, then you can go back in and delete it permanently. And you know what you can do with all that spare time you’ll gain from not using Facebook? Start a blog, of course. 🙂


8 thoughts on “One Year Of Being Facebook-Free

  1. I’m not a social network person, so I don’t understand what the big fuss about them. Al so I don’t understand what the big fuss with deactivating or deleting the account if you can just ignore it.


    1. Believe me, Roman, deleting it is the most fun part! 🙂 I like some social networks like Twitter. There are tons of Russian people on there I like to talk to, haha. If I didn’t delete it, people could still find me and tag me in photos and post stuff on my page and sooner or later, I’d have to deal with it. Plus, I didn’t want Facebook having access to all my data for time immemorial. So yes, deleting is definitely the best way to handle it! 😀


  2. Good on you, Natalie! I only joined it this year, and find myself using it less and less already. I find it useful for language-related things (i.e. the Add1Challenge), but if you can get by without it, so much the better!


    1. There are a ton of language challenges on Twitter, so I usually prefer to use that. 😀 Hopefully you’ll see the light and delete your account, too, LOL! 🙂


      1. Thanks for the encouragement to do so; I’m honestly thinking about it! 🙂 Which language challenges do you recommend on Twitter?


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